Monday, September 12, 2011

Bracelets From Brighton

Brighton makes everything from accessories to handbags but they have some great bracelets that are perfect for bridesmaid gifts.  There's no way I can offer the complete selection here but if you visit their web site or one of their stores you can see you options.  I love to see jewelry in person so even if there's not a store in my immediate area, I'm likely to yell 'ROAD TRIP!' and head out to see what I can see. 
Not into bracelets? Brighton offers you other selections as well.  Some fabulous handbags--OK, yes, I am drooling--and some other great accessories including shoes, belts and home goods.  OK, I'm hooked. Not sure I'd ever give these as gifts, I'd want to keep them all for myself.  But since my favorite gift to give is one I'd love to have myself (face it, who wants to give a gift they wouldn't want themselves?) I'll just have to bite the bullet and wrap these up in a hurry!

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