Thursday, June 7, 2012

Never Lose Your Keys or Phone Again! Buy BiKN!

Photo from Pure Wow website of BiKN

It's time to go pick up your wedding gown and your maid of honor (who was going to drive over to the seamstress with you) is late AGAIN. And you know exactly why she's late... she can never find her keys!

You realize you should have given her the bridesmaid gift you'd gotten her early, because it was designed to solve all her problems of misplaced gadgets and keys.

What did you buy her? You bought her a BiKN. The BiKN is a magical phone case and attachments that will let her find her phone find her keys and let her keys find her phone (and more).

The BiKN is a case for her iPhone and an attachment for her keys and other items that let her easily track the missing MUST HAVE item. Watch the YouTube video below that introduces you to BiKN. Just get a BiKN and you'll never have lost keys or iPhones again! Now if she could only find her boyfriend! Let BiKN tag him? You never know! She could tag him but how long he'd wear it is debatable!