Sunday, October 14, 2012

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Thank you for reading this blog, as the editor of multiple wedding blogs I am consolidating many of them to make it easier for your browsing. Gifts For Your Bridesmaids will now be found on WDW(Wedding Day Weekly) Blogging For Brides, I hope you'll change your bookmark to follow this information which will now be posted there. Again, thank you for being loyal readers, I hope this makes planning your wedding easier, giving you just a few blogs to follow instead of 20.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Never Lose Your Keys or Phone Again! Buy BiKN!

Photo from Pure Wow website of BiKN

It's time to go pick up your wedding gown and your maid of honor (who was going to drive over to the seamstress with you) is late AGAIN. And you know exactly why she's late... she can never find her keys!

You realize you should have given her the bridesmaid gift you'd gotten her early, because it was designed to solve all her problems of misplaced gadgets and keys.

What did you buy her? You bought her a BiKN. The BiKN is a magical phone case and attachments that will let her find her phone find her keys and let her keys find her phone (and more).

The BiKN is a case for her iPhone and an attachment for her keys and other items that let her easily track the missing MUST HAVE item. Watch the YouTube video below that introduces you to BiKN. Just get a BiKN and you'll never have lost keys or iPhones again! Now if she could only find her boyfriend! Let BiKN tag him? You never know! She could tag him but how long he'd wear it is debatable!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Perfect Bridesmaid Gift

This pretty cuff is the perfect gift for your bridesmaids! Make your gift to them memorable. This cuff is easy to wear and dress up or dress down as the occasion warrants. I love pieces of jewelry like this! Not so expensive you worry about wearing it anywhere you go, but looks classy and carries off any outfit. I love giving gifts that I fall in love with, this is one of those. Purchase it now from Anthropologie.

Another photo from Anthropologie(same source link as above)

Never leave purchasing your bridesmaid gifts until the last minute! These won't be available forever, so buy now for your wedding next year! (Oh, and get one for you too! You deserve it!) Then pick up some pretty wrapping paper and ribbon and you'll be ready to go! The month before your wedding is not when you want to be stressing over bridesmaid gifts! So buy them now, don't worry later!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Last night I went to an event at Free Reign, a boutique in Conshohocken PA. The event was sponsored by BenFM's Real Mom Radio Host, Joey Fortman and catered by Dimeo's of Conshohocken.

If you live in the Philadelphia area and are looking for some great gifts for bridesmaids (or for any other occasion) Free Reign will soon become your favorite place to shop. They sell everything from jewelry and other great accesssories to unique apparel items, tableware, favorites from Vera Bradley and Crabtree and Evelyn and more.

Easily accessible, and located just off the Blue Route (Rt. 476) at 317 Ridge Pike, even the directionally challenged will find this great boutique with no problem!

Video courtesy of Free Reign and YouTube

I live about half an hour away from Free Reign, which is the only reason I wouldn't be in there on a weekly if not daily basis!

Free Reign also sells reasonably priced tableware and serving pieces, perfect for your next party. Add a selection of gourmet food, ready to bake desserts, mouthwatering jams, mustards and infused olive oil and baby gifts and you may never need to go to the mall again. Free Reign will be your new and fun source for all your gift giving (and personal) needs.

Free Reign sells items crafted in the United States and supports local artisans.  They provide you with eco-friendly products choices and all product areas are updated frequently. A few examples of this are the heirloom antique stones re-purposed in bracelets that were made in Pennsylvania and some floor mats made of sustainable products like bamboo.
If you can't find several pieces to choose from for your bridesmaids at Free Reign I'd be astounded.  You purchases are gift bagged, tied with a gorgeous piece of ribbon, ready to give. (Love a store that saves me time!)  Join me at Free Reign for days of fun shopping (without fighting the insanity of the malls.) I know you are a busy bride, so why waste time wandering malls when Free Reign has everything you need and more!

**Attendees received gifts for attending. Opinion is my own and was not effected by the receipt of any gifts.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Boticca Jewelry -- Origami Art On A Chain

Looking for a unique gift for your bridesmaids? Try these cute origami necklaces as unique gifts that won't just be the same as the typical bridesmaid necklaces that are out there. For more about these great pieces visit Boticca's website.
Boticca has a variety of animals in origami. So cool! They come in gold plate (sorry no 14k), silver or gunmetal. Designed by Claire and Arnaud and inspired by the Japanese art of origami. They started out making origami earrings and moved on from there.  Their original collection was thread and paper, but seeking something a little more durable, they (Claire and Arnaud)  moved on to the current selections of gold and silver.

Since 2008, when "Claire and Arnaud" introduced their first collection in with the model Tsuru®, and later the rabbit, the deer and the triceratops joined the family of Origami Jewelry, these necklaces are perfect for everyday wear as well as more formal occasions.