Monday, December 12, 2011

Scent, Soap and Other Special Things

OK, I know there are a ton of places out there to buy specialty soaps, lotions, and sprays for your home as well as home accents, but one of my favorites is Yves DelormeYves Delorme is known throughout the world for its fine European linens and home accessories.  It is part of the family-owned French company, Fremaux Delorme, which has produced fine linens since 1845.  Their linens may be what they are best known for but my favorite thing to purchase there is their soaps.  Available in a variety of scents, all of them are 'just right.'  Yves Delorme represents the art of fine French living--so if you can't give your bridesmaids a trip to Paris, a gift from Yves Delorme is the next best thing!

Yves Delorme has entrusted the manufacturing of its newest Provence soaps to Rampal-Latour, a family-run establishment that has been crafting traditional soaps in the heart of Provence since 1828.

Soft and kind to your skin, their soap is made from natural ingredients and pure vegetable oils, without any preservatives or artificial colorings. The combination of oil and unique fragrance developed by perfumers in Grasse will leave your skin moisturized and protected.

A specialized milling process triple mills the soaps twice, giving them exceptional subtlety and durability. Completely biodegradable, they combine quality with respect for nature and our environment.
My personal favorite? The Provence scent.  I buy the soaps and leave them in my drawers and linen closet so everything has this scent.  Never overpowering, but always just right.  Goldilocks would have chosen Yves Delorme soaps and scents. 

Head to your closest Yves Delorme store today--if not for your bridesmaid gifts to buy something to pamper yourself--after all, you're worth it.  Yves Delorme also makes great Christmas gifts.  Buy from their online store, or use this link to find your local Yves Delorme store, or other online sources.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Non-Traditional But Fun Bridesmaid Gift

Patina's Red Java Cross Body Bag with an animal print at the sides will wow your bridesmaids and give them a gift they can use over and over.  No more jewelry they'll never wear except the day you get married, or those ubiquitous single pearls with a tiny diamond on a gold chain (I have six of them from weddings).   No, be original and give them a gift that's a little different.  This cross body bag comes in a variety of colors (red, tan, purple and black) to suit every taste. 

Or if you're Christmas shopping, the Patina Red Java Cross Body Bag makes a great gift!  Enjoy!