Thursday, July 14, 2011

A WOW of a Site For Buying For Bridesmaids (Or Yourself)

Waxing Poetic was named one of the top ten new boutiques in the country in Lucky Magazine's Shopping Report--WOW! That's really saying a lot!

I have to admit I adore reading Lucky, they give the reader so many new ideas of what to wear and where to buy it.  The new Waxing Poetic boutique is located in California's wine country's Los Olivos.  Lucky has their favorites, I have mine--and I'm sure you'll find some of your own! There's so much to choose from and something for everyone.  Some of their creations are sold in your local boutiques so check their site for where to shop.

(this charm flips, showing one side at a time)

It's a great place to buy inexpensive bridal jewelry or great bridesmaid gifts.  Or to pick up a fabulous gift for a fiance or friend.  Happy shopping--the choices are the hard part!

Lanyard to hang charms on, other option is a chain w/charm holder

I'm not sure if my favorite part of their web site is their jewelry (which I adore) or what they call their 'semi manifesto.'  I don't know if they wrote it themselves or discovered it in their reading but I love the sentiment.  Here it is:

In Tiny We Trust
A semi manifesto

All hail the small, and beautiful. We believe
In the evolution of memories
And unchanging, unapologetic love,

In being both lost, and found, and found again.
In writing your own way (and humbly asking for help),

In liberation, and joyous return
In seemingly impossible narratives made true,
In freedom, in family, in homecomings,

In recognizing treasure as the love in between
All of us
little points on a map, our lives and cherished

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